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Employment Opportunities and placement services:

CelestialAcu serves as a headhunter and contact point to place Acupuncturists (new graduates and experienced welcome).  This service offers many opportunities for both clinics seeking Acupuncture services and Acupuncturists.  These are:

Vetted business and Acupuncturists

Clinical and business support for new Acupuncturists

No upfront fees for the business or Acupuncturist

Varying opportunities for both parties seeking appropriate long-term placement

Currently serving the state of Florida

If you are either a clinic seeking an Acupuncturist or an Acupuncturist seeking a position, please email or call/text 813-382-4646.  

Continuing Education Provider

CelestialAcu is an approved NCCAOM continuing education provider:

Kristen teaches her unique CelestialAcu Aculift seminars throughout the year:

Licensed Acupuncturists and students are welcome

In person classes with hands on training

All components of Cosmetic Acupuncture included

Taught by a TCM practitioner NOT a 5 Element practitioner 

20 years of experience

Kristen has teaching, Acupuncture, and research experience to be able to teach what other professionals can't.

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